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Residential buildings that date between 1945 and 1980, the high post 2nd World War construction activity around Europe, have the largest energy demand (in 2009, 68% of the total final energy use in buildings) and due to their age, most of them now require retrofitting or refurbishing intervention.

Apart from age and the corresponding maintenance requirements, a major part of the overall problem is that energy efficiency was not a prominent design criteria in the years these structures were built. It is therefore apparent that the biggest energy savings can be achieved by retrofitting these types of older buildings.

Thus, multi-family buildings represent one of the highest potential markets (around 10 millions of them being multi-storey buildings, with distributed ownership according to WBSCD).

These buildings are located all around Europe and share many common features with respect to architectural, structural, material, and energy consuming equipment/processes. Moreover, it is important to notice that the majority of them have no major constraints on the envelope aesthetics.

Three building pilots

RetroKit will develop and demonstrate at three building pilots (Spain, Germany, Sweden), multifunctional, modular, low cost and easy to install prefabricated modules in order to significantly increase the EU retrofitting rate and contribute to EU energy reduction commitments. These innovative systems target existing multi-family residential buildings which represent more than 50% of the EU building stock and between 65% and 80% of their energy consumption.

RetroKit project will bring the aspect of multifunctional façade and roof elements into the retrofit sector. Special integrated solutions will be developed which are dealing with the aspects of heating, ventilation, cooling, electricity and ICT in a flexible way.

RetroKit key factor is the window element accompanied with a technical box taking in HVAC systems as well as interfaces for building services (ducting, piping) installed on the existing façade.

The RetroKit project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7 2007-2013 under Grant Agreement n. EeB.NMP.2012-2-314229


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